3 Novelas de Amor y Erotismo (Spanish Edition)

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Certainly, it contains many of the poems included in El azul es el verde que se aleja, but it includes a cross-section of his work from early poems through his mature period and even poems published just before his death at age It includes many of his best poems, but many others as well. In order to help the reader understand his life-work, the poems here are arranged chronologically.

El amor y la pérdida

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In deciding which version to include here, I have followed the lead of Sandro Cohen. Cohen maintains that frequently, Nandino worked them until they had lost much of their initial spontaneity and charm. I have followed the same pattern here, except where noted. I began this project for precisely that reason, to help make U. Through my reading and through the translation of his poems, however, I sensed that I had come to know him well. When I traveled to Mexico and met people who had known him personally, I came to know him even better. His former students talked about his generosity with his time not only helping them with their writing, but inviting them to accompany him to literary events to which they would otherwise not have had access.

They always mentioned the valuable encouragement he provided them. Nandino retired from his practice of medicine in Mexico City to Cocula, his hometown, and people there also talked about his generosity, about things he had given them — furniture, dishes, and silverware from his own home — when they announced they were getting married, for example. Medical students were given his medical equipment and supplies until, little by little, he had given everything away.

Each afternoon he met elementary students on the sidewalk in front of his home and talked with them about school, encouraged them to study, and gave candy to those who had done well that day. One man from Cocula related the following event from his adolescence. Every afternoon when school was over he would go to Dr. The door was always open and he would just walk in. One day, however, no one seemed to be there. Nandino stopped him with a gesture.

It seems that a bricklayer in town had injured himself on the job but had not sought medical attention due to lack of funds. Over time his foot became severely infected and swollen and he went to Dr. Nandino for treatment.

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When he asked Dr. Through my work on this book, I have come to appreciate Nandino, the man, as much as I had initially appreciated Nandino the poet.

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It is my hope that, through these translations, others will come to know and value his work and his life as well. Although many modern conveniences such as Internet access are available there today, Cocula still retains much of its original appearance: historic buildings line the streets and the central plaza remains the heart of town. Automobiles are the primary means of transportation, but horses are still used in town and in the country.

Many roads are unpaved. In the central plaza, between the church and city hall, stands a life-size statue of Dr. Born there in , Nandino retired to Cocula after a career as a respected physician and poet in Mexico City. On his death in , he left his furnished home, complete library, and the rights to his literary output to his hometown. The Mexican Revolution forced Nandino and his family to relocate temporarily to Guadalajara where he completed his secondary studies in followed by his return to Cocula Nandino After several unsuccessful attempts at employment, Nandino eventually returned to Guadalajara, completed preparatorio college-prep school, a prerequisite for admission to a university and enrolled in medical school in Nandino It was at this time that Nandino made a conscious decision to pursue both poetry and medicine.

The parish church in the background and the bandstand both appear in his novela El Coronelito, In addition to his medical studies, he was able to immerse himself in the literary environment of Mexico City. Nevertheless, through careful discretion, he managed to establish and maintain a successful medical career in Mexico City following the completion of his studies at UNAM in Nandino thus began a long and successful career as physician and poet.

Nandino maintained that this helped Villaurrutia become more human, more sympathetic to human suffering Aguilar Triangulo de silencios , Triangle of Silences , confronts issues of religious doubt.

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Courtesy Casa de la 3-line haiku and 5-line tanka. In response, medical practice in Mexico City. In addition to his work as physician and poet, Nandino is also remembered for his work with young poets. In addition to these major themes, Nandino frequently addresses issues of solitude, eroticism, and love. This should come as no surprise from a poet-physician who treated patients during the day and spent the evenings writing poetry in response to those experiences.

The autobiography ning before birth, accompanying was published posthumously in Baptized and raised Catholic, Nandino struggled with issues of faith, doubt, religion, and sin throughout his career. His understanding of God, however, was not the Catholic god of his childhood. Rather, he found god within a pantheistic view of the universe Dauster In his later years, the clergy of his hometown publicly denounced Nandino from the pulpit C. It was not because of his poems about faith and doubt or because of his pantheistic view of god.

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The ants arrive, the ants enter and give up every peso. January to December December to January, like insects drawn to honey, the poor ants, the devoted ants, come give up all their money. The theme of love is often addressed in contrasting pairs of presence and absence. Perhaps what earlier critics had labeled narcissism might now suggest a desire on the part of the poet to see someone like himself, another man, in the mirror.

Despite his excellent technique with these forms, Nandino is perhaps best recognized for his use of the nocturne. A Symbiotic Relationship Among U. Indeed, it served as inspiration for much of his work. Working with inmates, whom many would consider the dregs of society, Nandino learned that everyone is capable of both good and evil.

Practicing medicine, Nandino maintained, produced in him a greater sensitivity to literature. Until the very end of his own life, he continued to explore the options of death as pleasure or pain Aguilar I stretch out and also limit myself to the defenseless contour that delivers me to the island of oblivion where one forgets.

And so I feel myself divided and at the same time imprisoned by a mold. The second circle was made of up Salvador Novo and Xavier Villaurrutia. Finally, Jorge Cuesta and Gilberto Owen formed the third subgroup. In addition to this core of eight poets, Forster has labeled four poets as fringe members: Carlos Pellicer, Octavio G. Clearly, the very inner circle of members had been friends since high school and then introduced other friends to the group. In his autobiography, Nandino describes his deep friendship with Xavier Villaurrutia, and many other members of the group.

Writer such as Borges and Neruda, who were just beginning their literary careers at that time, were also published.

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Of particular note in the journal were translations of French and English writers. Perhaps the greatest similarity is that of themes — life, death, love — however no single generation has a monopoly on these. Because of his longevity and his continuous literary output up until the very end of his life, he lived to see himself rediscovered.

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Many of his early works were long out of print, but were released in new editions during the early and mid s. Estaciones and the literary workshops In addition to his work as poet, Nandino is also recognized for his work as editor and publisher. The journal attracted critical attention in the U. These reviews also noted the importance of the journal to young writers. His attitude toward young people was very radical; he gave them the books and journals that they would need.

Here he continued his work with young writers including Jorge Esquinca. These workshops continued, with some interruption, until when he settled permanently in his home town of Cocula and established similar workshops there.

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  • 3 Novelas de amor y erotismo (Spanish Edition).

Because of his continued dedication to helping establish young writers, the National Prize for Young Poets was named in his honor. I left forgiven and both of us ended up crying However, beginning with Eternidad de polvo Eternity of Dust, continuing with Cerca de lo lejos Close to Faraway, and culminating in Erotismo al rojo blanco White Heat Eroticism, , Nandino began to write his way out of the literary closet as well.

There is a high price on maintaining erotic dissidence; with the hostility and taunts, one needs to adopt a language that is seemingly neutral, one that continuously describes the most personal life experiences and offers them as an intense abstraction. The earlier language of the physician is still obvious, but the veiled, coded language has given way to simple, direct expression.

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His work is generally described as accessible and unadorned. His long life allowed him to explore these themes throughout his writing career. Cerca de lo lejos, , showed a radical change in style for Nandino. The long, formal nocturnes had been replaced with short, free-verse poems. Nearly deaf and blind, he lived alone, in a private world. He rose at and retired by in the evening, and wrote, as he pleased, in between.