El secreto de los caballeros: Crónicas del Reino de la Fantasía 6 (Spanish Edition)

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When he gets picked by a Beverly Hills rich boy arrested for assault, Mickey sees. It"s a minor accident that brings prosecutor Kerry McGrath to the plastic surgeon"s office with her beloved daughter, Robin. But even as the doctor assures Kerry that her daughter"s scars will heal, she spies a familiar-looking beautiful woman in the waiting room and is seized by an overpowering sense of deja vu.

When, on a return visit, she sees the same haunting face -- on another woman -- she has an intense flash of recognition: it"s the face of Suzanne Reardon, the "Sweetheart Murder" victim, killed more than ten years ago!

Isa Cantos (Crónicas de una Merodeadora)

The case resulted in a guilty verdict and life sentence for Suzanne"s husband, Skip. But for what possible reason would Dr. Smith be giving his patients the face of a dead woman?

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As Kerry immerses herself in a fresh investigation, she is catapulted into the strange and ominous territory of those so obsessed with beauty they"ll kill for it. Each new piece of evidence she unearths reveals a disturbing cache of questions. Not only does everyone involved want to keep the case closed, it"s clear somebody will stop at nothing to keep it sealed forever. As she delves deeper she finds she"s wrestling with a force so sinister that her own life -- and her daughter"s -- is threatened with increasing peril Interweaving fascinating characters with deeply daring, staggeringly unpredictable plot twists, Mary Higgins Clark reminds us that she is, indeed, America"s Queen of Suspense.

In a career that spans over half a century, her name is synonymous with brilliant deception, ingenious puzzles, and the surprise denouement. By virtually inventing the modern mystery novel she has earned her title as the Queen of Crime. Then you"re invited to read Grade 6 Up—Winter must die, and Summer must sink into the ground; it is all part of the Story, and Tiffany Aching has danced into the middle of it. On the last day of autumn, Tiffany travels to the woods to witness the Black Morris, the traditional dance of the gods heralding the arrival of winter.

In a moment of heedless excitement, her rollicking feet draw her to the music, and she crashes headlong into the Wintersmith. He is fascinated by the girl and proceeds to court her in his own fashion—all the snowflakes are made in her image and giant Tiffany-shaped icebergs appear in the sea. Meanwhile, Tiffany begins to show characteristics of the goddess Summer—the touch of her bare feet makes things grow. All the attention from the Wintersmith would be quite flattering were it not for the deadly winter that threatens the shepherds of the Chalk. As the situation is very dangerous and death is certain, the Nac Mac Feegles along with an especially lively cheese named Horace are directly in the fray protecting their big wee hag along with Annagramma, Granny Weatherwax, Miss Tick, and other favorites from past adventures.

All are skillfully characterized; even the Wintersmith elicits sympathy as he joyfully buries the world in snow in his attempt to win Tiffany.

Spanish Gothic

Replete with dry and intelligent humor, this latest in the series is sure to delight. Collects eight classic Christie mysteries in a treasury that includes four vignettes starring the inimitable Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot; two featuring the indomitable English gentlewoman, Miss Marple; and two supernatural stories.

When the Grim Reaper begins to ponder the existential, his Discworld bosses send him off with best wishes and a well-earned gold watch. Death is now having the time of his life, but like every cutback in public service, Death"s demise soon leads to chaos and unrest. The 11th novel of Pratchett"s Discworld series. Whitney Stone"s teenage crush on a neighbor has her cold, unfeeling father banishing her to Paris into the care of her aunt and uncle.

Under their loving guidance, the young woman blossoms into a ravishing beauty and becomes the darling of glittering Parisian society--a fact not lost on the handsome and equally powerful Duke of Claymore, who determines to make her his wife. Despite the duke"s fervent interest, Whitney remains fixed on her childhood love. That is, until she finds herself tempted by the Duke--an attraction that both delights and baffles Whitney, causing her to be increasingly wary of what her heart may lead her to do. The Duke suffers no such confusion.

Spanish Gothic

He wants Whitney. And he plans to have her, despite a number of obstacles, including the infatuation Whitney seems to have for another; her aunt"s growing concerns; and her greedy father"s bungling efforts to control his beautiful daughter. But before the Duke and Whitney"s plans can reach fruition, they"ll have to work their way through a morass of misunderstandings that threaten any hope of a happy ending.

She strikes gold in Edward, a handsome and mysterious traveler whom she"s vowed to follow to the ends of the earth. Yet no whirlwind affair can prepare Victoria for what unfolds once she lands in Baghdad. Not a day in Edward"s shadow, and she hears whispered warnings of danger and witnesses the murder of a secret agent in her hotel room. And when she discovers that a romantic rival for Edward"s affection has arranged for her kidnapping, Victoria fears that her impetuous nature could be the death of her.

Quinn"s first title since not to feature the Bridgerton clan On the Way to the Wedding , this Regency concerns Miranda Cheever, who fell in love with the aristocratic Nigel Bevelstoke, Viscount Turner, when she was 10 and he Now 20, and still in love, Miranda"s designs are thwarted by the indiscretions of Nigel"s late wife—heartbroken, Nigel isn"t willing to risk another shot at love, even if it means hurting his close friend Miranda.

Quinn"s pitch-perfect humor remains intact, but her latest relies too much on romance conventions, including Miranda"s scholarly but benignly neglectful father; an even more overused device involves Turner"s hot-and-cold feelings toward Miranda, which reduce the heroine to tears more than once. However, the two make a lovable couple, and Miranda in particular shines, as do Turner"s two siblings in strong secondary roles.

Though a bit stale, this well-written, often funny and occasionally tender romance has much to enjoy. Shaken by a painful divorce, successful television writer Debra Barry leaves New York for the beautiful countryside of New Hampshire, where she hopes to find peace and solitude to mend her wounded heart.

Vengeance: Quirke Mysteries Book 5

The old house she"s bought, though, needs as much repairing as her own shattered emotions. To make it the home she"s always wanted, she seeks the help of master cerpenter Graham Reid, a compellingly enigmatic man seemingly as hard as granite itself. While Corey and his partner, FBI agent Kate Mayfield, chased him across the country, Khalil methodically eliminated his victims one by one and then disappeared without a trace. Framed as a set of interviews conducted with those who knew Athena, who is dead as the book opens, the story recounts her birth in Transylvania to a Gypsy mother, her adoption by wealthy Lebanese Christians; her short, early marriage to a man she meets at a London college one of the interviewees ; her son Viorel"s birth; and her stint selling real estate in Dubai.

History of Spanish Literature (vol. 3 of 3)

Back in London in the book"s second half, Athena learns to harness the powers that have been present but inchoate within her, and the story picks up as she acquires a teacher Deidre O"Neill, aka Edda, another interviewee , then disciples also interviewed , and speeds toward a spectacular end. Coelho veers between his signature criticism of modern life and the hydra-headed alternative that Athena taps into.

Athena"s earliest years don"t end up having much plot, but the second half"s intrigue sustains the book. Like a bottle of champagne, Kleypas"s Victorian-era romance opens with gusto, but the deeper tastes of this delightful story are what make it a truly magical experience. Although former criminal and current Bow Street Runner Nick Gentry has spent three years tempting fate and hunting down many types of lawbreakers, he knows that his life is about to change when he spots wayward Lottie Howard, the runaway fiancee of an overbearing lord. Nick was hired by Lord Radnor to track Lottie down but, upon meeting her, he realizes that he wants her for himself.

Faced with the prospect of returning to her much older betrothed or marrying a notorious Runner whose kisses make her heart pound, Lottie hardly hesitates to accept Nick"s proposal, despite his dark past. But even as Nick woos her into his bed, his reluctance to open his heart holds her at bay.

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The narrative"s high sensuality quotient, strong sense of place and full-bodied characters make it a worthy follow-up to Kleypas"s previous book, Lady Sophia"s Lover, and the appearance of the protagonists from that novel will please fans. With this spicy, seamless story, Kleypas reaffirms her place as one of the foremost writers in the historical romance arena. While supervising a dig of Native American burial grounds in Charleston, S.

Soon, her ex-husband, who"s a lawyer, appears in town, pursuing leads in a missing persons case connected with a local church. Bodies start piling up at an alarming rate, and Brennan begins to suspect that the deaths are linked to each other—and her ex-husband"s inquiry.

Reichs"s down-to-earth heroine is an appealing creation, who deftly juggles personal problems with professional challenges. Despite the somewhat obvious solution, this novel confirms the series" place in the front rank of the ever-expanding forensic thriller subgenre.

Cader Harris shook the dust of Hayden, Louisiana, from his feet eighteen years ago, aided by his football prowess, his movie-star good looks -- and most of all by a handsome payoff from Foster Doyle Hayden, who thought that Cader wasn"t good enough for his daughter, Irene. Cader enjoyed a prosperous career, and more than his share of beautiful women. Now, with his fortunes running low, Cader has come home for a last chance at the big time When Irene Hayden married someone else and too few months later gave birth to a boy, Cader was shocked.

He kept to his side of the bargain But before Irene there was Sunday Waters, a girl who, like Cader, came from the wrong side of the tracks. Sunny gave herself to him heart and soul, and they shared a white-hot passion.

Then Irene Hayden snapped her fingers and Cader went running. Now Cader will discover how much can change when girls become women A near-fatal accident with one of his beloved horses prompts Hugh Dunne, the Earl of Briarly, to realize it is time to get married. The only problem is that while Hugh might know horses, he knows nothing about women, which is why he turns to his sister Carolyn, the Marchioness of Finchley. She invites them, as well as war-hero Captain Neill Oakes and newly titled Alec Darlington, to a country-house party.

Now all Hugh has to do is select his bride, but he had better hurry, because it turns out he has some serious competition for the ladies.


Quinn, Eloisa James, and Connie Brockway, three RITA Award winners, team up to create a novel in three parts, and the resulting book is a truly original, delightfully amusing treat. The Lady Most Likely.

Visions of Christianity and Kingship

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Blood Lite Charlaine Harris Charlaine Harris reveals the dark side of going green, when a quartet of die-hard environmentalis Celebrity necromancer Jaime Vegas is headlining a sold-out s? Devil Bones Kathy Reichs When a plumber discovers the remains of a murdered girl and various dark religious objects in the When a plumber discovers the remains of a murdered girl and various dark religious objects in the cellar of a client"s house, Temperance Brennan is called in to investigate the case.

Aventura, suspenso, misterio, magia e ingenio y algo de romance.

The Year Of Living Scandalously Julia London In this original and suspense-filled historical romance, a woman assumes the identity of a counte In this original and suspense-filled historical romance, a woman assumes the identity of a countess.