How to tune your drums: My drum tuning system makes it easy.

Welch Tuning Systems – Simplifying the Way We Tune Our Drums
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In this system, one long tension rod with a threaded end extends through the hoop holding the top drum head and then down outside the drum shell to a threaded hole in the bottom hoop. There usually is a small guide halfway down on single-tension drum shells to keep the tension rods straight. In older drums, the hoops are often held tight by separate clamps through which the threaded tension rod fits. Tension is applied by turning a special key that fits into a hexagonal drive, but many bass drums especially those models designed for concert use have permanent wing-nuts permanently affixed to each tension rod, even on double-tension drums.

Double-tension is a method of applying tension to drum heads. Drum manufacturers use several methods to apply tension to drum heads; the preferred way is to tighten the heads with a hoop that is held tight to the drum shell with a number of individual threaded rods which connect to stanchions mounted with bolts onto the outside of the drum shell.

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When there are individual stanchions for both the lower head and the upper "struck" head, or when there is one common center-mounted stanchion that accepts the threaded rods from both the upper and lower drum heads, that is said to be a double-tension drum. Rope-tension is the oldest system for applying tension to drum heads and was the standard system used until the late 19th Century.

A long rope or less commonly, a series of ropes is passed alternately between the top and bottom drum head hoops that are held to the shell by clamps that incorporate holes for the rope s. The ropes are made tighter by sewn-together loops called 'ears', usually made of leather, which slide along the rope to pull the hoops inward, tightening the drum heads. These ears remain in position due to the tension of the rope. Drum heads tightened in this manner are not as tense as more modern single-tension or double-tension systems, but offer a historically deep tone in keeping with the heritage of certain music, such as Pipe and Drum Corps, Fife and Drum Corps, and historical military bands such as Field Music ensembles that were common during the American Revolutionary War , the War of , and the American Civil War periods.

Many percussionists prefer a more dry sound with less ring. There are many different techniques that can be used to reduce ring. One approach is to loosen the batter head a quarter to a half turn. Another way is to either increase or decrease the pitch of the bottom head so that it's different from the pitch of the top head.

Either of these approaches produces a slightly more dry, funkier sound. If unwanted ring is not eliminated—or if these types of heads produce unwanted tones—then there are multiple external muffling techniques that may be used, including:. Wang C.

Drummers Are Blown Away By Revolutionary Tuning System

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The other key is a key that folds up straight and is more compact. Learn more about the system, our company, and more at www. Not so boomy ,fairly even across the range… More in sound, tuning, tuning range and playability. Pulling "Diamonds" to the Left. Another advantage, apart from the positive influence of the sound, is more playing comfort.

Please help by editing the article to make improvements to the overall structure. Thanks for the time you put in to help folks like me. Ive been play just a few years but never really have got to far up the ladder. Im going to get a pad to take on the truck with me.

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I have a cheaper set right now called pulse but im going to trade them in shortly. Love your set! Thanks again.

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Do you always have trouble when tuning your snare drum, bass drum or tom toms. Do they sound like cardboard boxes, or ring like dustbins? Are the drums. How To Tune Your Drums: My Drum Tuning System Makes It Easy. (english Edition) is big ebook you must read. You can read any ebooks you wanted like How.

Begun in , Pacific was created to provide every drummer with a full line of quality, custom inspired percussion products. However, a friend of mine picked up their 5-piece fusion kit, and I loved it. Just wondering when changing your toms heads how far from finger tight do you go to get the sound you like whole turn or more. I have same sizes of tom-toms, but mines are of birch.

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What is? The mics, or the heads?

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Hey Jared! I was wondering….. I have been wondering about my tension rods sticking but was to scared to put anything in it. Is new car oil bad?

Thats all I have right now and was wondering if it would work. If not what do you suggest. Thanks sooo much dude and God Bless! Hope i can get an answer. Nice video, it helped me a lot but i thought there will be some clues how to tune snare along to toms too much snare buzz and stuff like that when you hit toms. Hi Jared, what do you think about using single ply — coated heads as resonants head for toms?

Hope you understand. Another important cnnopmeot in a triathlon race is the triathlon shoes. The shoes play an important role in any race for that matter. In fact, most sports have especially designed shoes that are appropriate and efficient for a particular sport only. This is so because every sport has unique needs and playing environment. Thus, the shoes should be designed to fit these needs and environments. Hi im just wondering … firts of all thanks for the videos they have really help me to tune and make our church drum set sound more good… but im just wondering can you give me an advice what will be a good drum set to buy of course wich a good brand of mics?

Hi Jared, excellent video, i have a question, do you use the same evans g2s for the top and resonance?. You should do a vid on pedals. How to mess with the tension and stuff. Thanks for the informative video Jared!

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It came at the right time along with your other tuning videos. I just got my first drum set about three months ago and your videos really help in the learning process. I was having trouble tuning the toms so thank you for the lesson! Love Tiny Toms! I have a pair of gray canvas ones, and Wagon Jr. BUT the cudroroy wears off quickly so I had to color in the toes with navy sharpie because the white cloth underneath showed through.

Hey man I like the video!! I have a question I have gretsch drums I really dont like the sound I had my drums about 4 or 3 years know, And I havent replace my heads its kinda beat up. When I should I replace my drum heads? I really like your drum sound. Can I do that for my drum set? Yes, you should change the heads now. You can watch my snare and bass drum tuning videos on this website as well. That should help you. Hey Jared!! This is a really good video about drum tuning.

But, I think you should have used a less expensive drum kit… I have a:.

You should have talked about the bottom head, how to tune…how it affects the top head when it is in a lower or a higher pitch. I did talk about what I do with the tone of the top and bottom head. Did you watch the whole video? Jared, this video was very helpful. Thanks so much for doing it. What type of oil would you suggest i use? I have some bore oil that i used to use for treating guitar necks, would that be ok for lugs? Yes, that type of oil will work fine.