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Indeed, models, fitness gurus and tattoo addicts are likely to agree.

Whether that sacrifice involves physical or financial discomfort, one English equivalent could be "No pain, no gain. Whether you're talking to your employees or your spouse, it's not always what you say but how you say it that counts. The German version of that rather bumbling English expression has more to offer the senses: "Der Ton macht die Musik" literally means "the sound makes the music.

Indeed, what we don't learn in our childhood is unlearnable and cannot be acquired later in life. A comparable English proverb is "You can't teach an old dog new tricks," or the lesser-known "A tree must be bent while it's young. During the age of discovery, rats inside large ships occasionally scrambled upward if an undetected leak in the hull posed a threat. This led to the belief that the rodents could predict a vessel's impending doom.

Today, self-focused people who abandon a company, team or group at the very moment the latter begins to struggle are "rats. Take a teacher, parent or any other authority figure out of the room, and the kids will kind of go crazy. This behavior is not limited to children, though, and is so universal that the proverb exists in various forms in numerous languages. A fish's head rots quickly after it dies, so it's that part of its body that stinks first. The proverb "The fish stinks from the head" is used when an organization's leadership runs a business or political party astray.

Oh, we humans. We shoot ourselves in the feet, bite the hand that feeds us, bore holes in our own ships, paint ourselves into a corner and even burn our own crops.

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So why not "cut the branch we're sitting on" while we're at it? In short, there are plenty of ways to do damage to your own interests, but this proverb advises against it. Even small bits can have an impact when they come together, says this German proverb, which means, "Small livestock also produce manure.

Similarly, you might not think your old car emits much CO2, but if lots of people were to drive inefficient vehicles, that could have an impact on the environment. Speaking is silver, but silence is gold, according to this German proverb. Silver speech turns up in the Bible Psalm As for the golden silence?

A13th-century Sunni scholar, Ibn Kathir, attributed it to a wise man of the Quran, Luqman: "If words are silver, silence is golden. Many today recognize part of this proverb thanks to a song by English band The Tremeloes. If you want someone to do something for you, offer the right incentive. Here, a mouse is lured by a piece of bacon… and, ultimately, into a trap. But it doesn't have to be a trap. More often, this proverb is used in a business setting. A manager trying to boost productivity might wonder aloud which kind of "bacon" to offer her "mice.

When does help end and corruption begin? Cynically, it implies that criminals assist each other e. Used positively, it promises mutual benefit. Goethe meant the latter when he chastised a stingy man with "buttoned-up pockets" in his short poem, "Wie du mir, so ich dir. Humans have eaten pigeons for millennia. But in a pinch, a sparrow would do. With that in mind, this German proverb warns of the risks inherent in seeking ever more.

It comes from the Latin, "A bird caught is better than a thousand in the grass.

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The German proverb "Weeds don't vanish" is spoken when someone, despite challenges or setbacks, always perseveres. Since the proverb came into being in the s, the word "weed" is meant positively: At that time, just about every plant or weed was useful, whether on the dinner plate or in cups of tea or for their "healing" properties.

And in spite of inclement weather, they never, ever vanished. The "Taler" father of the dollar was reserved only for those who could first learn the value of "Pfennig," or pennies, according to this German proverb. Protestant reformer Martin Luther is said to have written a similar phrase in chalk on his own oven in the early 16th century - referencing gold guilders instead of silver Talers, though. Would you eat flies as a last resort? So would the devil, according to this 19th-century German proverb. The deeper meaning is even more disturbing, though.

One of the devil's names, Beelzebub, translates to "Lord of the flies. Cold comfort for gamblers, "Unlucky at cards, lucky in love" is tailor-made for the age of online poker. It isn't. Some German scholars trace the disputed proverb to a similar one in Spain, roughly, "Those seeking happiness in games will be unlucky at home. But first, start with a happy home. Do no evil, it murmurs, and you'll sleep the better for it.

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Wise words indeed. And very cold comfort for true insomniacs. It recalls the Biblical injunction that only "he who is without sin" cast the first stone. Just as none are without sin, implicit in the German proverb is that each of us lives in a glass house of some kind. Though it's origin is not known, the sentiment is. Projects unravel with too much input, and group tasks fail without clear leadership. The proverb almost demands a bit of reassuring hierarchy - which is not uncommon in German workplaces.

A proverb changed from the Latin Vestis virus reddit, "The clothes make the man" is still the stuff of billboards and perfumed magazines. Still, can a century-old proverb be improved? Well, a gender swap might be in order. The proverb's best modification to date, arguably, is attributed to American writer Mark Twain.

Many are familiar with the Jewish tradition of intentionally breaking glass at a wedding, symbolizing the destruction of the temple and good luck for the couple. In Germany, pottery rather than glass follows the proverb, "Shards bring luck.

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Not so lucky is that the couple usually has to sweep up the shards. One proverb that's showing its age is "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

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Doing so would reveal the horse's age and condition and thus its value. A modern version of this proverb might read, "Don't google the price in front of the gift-giver. But it might read mysteriously to English speakers.

Are shorter people more prone to lying? Not at all. Lies have short life spans; they travel fast, but never far.

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An African variant of the proverb says, "You can eat once with a lie, but not twice. Still, is a blind hen's success due to luck or pluck? The proverb can also be understood to mean that those facing handicaps can achieve success. In English, by comparison, luck is not forged, it is formed - and artistically so: "Every man is the artisan of his own fortune. When it comes to life and slot machines, "All good things come in threes. For slot machine maker Charles Fey, luck came in the form of a vision - namely, that he should replace poker-based machines with far simpler, symbol-based ones.

Liberty bells still give the highest payout.

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Give a macaque the chance, and he'll empty your backpack. Otherwise he'd go about his business. This conundrum is best expressed in the proverb "Opportunity makes the thief. Francis Bacon and in German e. Antiquated, perhaps? No, we wouldn't dare stream movies or download music illegally…. The "apple doesn't fall far from the tree" exists in many languages, so here's a twist.

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An unconfirmed German source claims that if twins were born during a new moon and one later died in a clan feud, the survivor, "Der Abfell" close to "Apfel" was granted a year of debauched living. At year's end he had to kill himself, though.