I Am The Walrus

Who Was the Walrus? Analyzing the Strangest Beatles Song
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I totally agree.

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When John wrote Tomorrow Never Knows there was nothing close to that song in popular music world. So far ahead of everyone. Same with Walrus.

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He was ahead of his time too. Also a Lennon fan. I have the audio of the end part of the King Lear.

Does anyone have these? It is my favourite… no beyond that, it is my preference. Let it go, people, and enjoy the sound. The words are splendid, full of delightful humour… and the music is funny, too. I believe the American import did become available at a shocking price. Well, hallelujah, all may now enjoy the CD version with everything on it. I do have some regrets. The part where Lear is presented with the obvious comment that he was now old, but without having become wise, would have been perfect. The Lewis Carroll piece might have been included as well.

Apparently literature has a worse reputation than drugs, which are discussed here at length, whereas literature is passed over as something toxic. Legalise literature, one cries, or at the very least decriminalise it. Apparently John thought it was a good story. In the top 5 of all Beatles songs. I love how it seems to be commenting on and reacting to the lyrics and overall sneering quality of the vocal.

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"I Am the Walrus" is a song by the Beatles released in November It was featured in the Beatles' television film Magical Mystery Tour in December of that. Lennon wanted it to be released as an A-side, but George Martin considered “ Hello, Goodbye” to be more commercially viable. “I Am The Walrus” ended up on .

John Lennon was very good friends with Harry Nilsson. For having a point, the protagonist and his dog, Arrow, are banished.

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I Am The Walrus

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The sound of a truck at fifty miles per hour. Static between the stations. We want to capture these sounds, to use them not as sound effects but as musical instruments. Your sense of home key is further obscured here by the bassline's usage of G- and F-natural, neither of which belong in the key of A Major. In this otherwise strange musical context, you should note how the business end of this intro features a rather traditional AABB phrasing in the melody.

Notes on "I Am The Walrus"

The finished recording is thickly ambiguous with a suggestion of blurred G-Major flat-VII ; at least it sounds like there are parallel fifths along this line in the bass. When I listen to the instrumental outtake, though, I hear the A-Major chord sustained all the way through in spite of the bassline move to G-natural. Try single that stretch of bassline if you don't believe me!

In fact, I think you're starting to adjust your ears to E as the home key here just as the chord is allowed to resolve to I at the start of the next verse.

The Story Behind John Lennon’s Walrus

The third refrain is extended one extra measure that is "unnecessary" in one sense, but which importantly sets a precedent for how the outro will eventually grow out of the final refrain. The fact that this whole section is essentially a reprise of the intro is somewhat disguised by the momentary change in beat and the manner in which we proceed partly instrumental only and partly with vocal added.

You're also thrown off balance by the radio intrusion.

The ‘Walrus’ lyrics provoked fear of another headache from BBC censors.

Beyond a point, it is the contrary motion of those two scales that drive the chord progression here, rather than any "harmonic" logic, per se. The music and chorus quickly fade to faintness on the early side; they don't completely fade-out until a few seconds before the very end, but allowing the radio program to subtly, noisily predominate through the final om and about forty seconds.

I think you can as easily argue that the durable strength of this song is traceable to the fact that it is so consistently, organically off-beat, from its very surface tension down to its soulful studs. The multi-layered details of the finished recording are surely to be savored, but the song does not at all rely on them for its essential impact.

You can feel that in your gut just by listening to the familiar acetate outtake on which the orchestra, chorus, and radio are yet to make an appearance.


Hell, you can sense it even on the less familiar take of just the backing track with no guide vocal. Random article. Menu Home Birthday No. Search Search for: Search. Follow us facebook twitter pinterest. What is he going on about?


Kevin Sanders. Ringo also performs a simple drum fill to usher in the second verse which is mixed out of the original mono mix. Bits of songs which have started off separately end up as one song when the time comes to empty his head and find a new song. I mean, even I did. Look for yourself.

Was he on drugs, that John Lennon? John Lennon, you were a genius. Our site Facebook. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Loading… 0.