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Convert the graphical reports to use GnuCash's rational numbers instead of doubles for better accuracy. Bugs fixed in this release Bug - Prompt for file history update leads to crash during startup. Some other fixes not associated with reported bugs: GnuCash no longer crashes on startup on Windows.

GnuCash no longer crashes when loading price data. The Options Dialogs will appear over the application window instead of wherever Gdk decides is coordinates 0, 0 on the display. Owners were not correctly linked to invoices in the SQL backend.

Building from a tarball with python enabled now works. Fix Reconcile dialog always showing a 0 ending balance. Fix the book being always marked dirty at startup if it contained any scheduled transactions. Geert Janssens Data file directories are now located appropriately to the operating system's conventions by default. Geert Janssens Accounts in the Bayes import map are now linked by GUID instead of names so that the matcher won't have to be retrained if you rename an account.

This will make your file unreadable by previous versions of gnucash. There's a new editor to remove outdated or incorrect match data from the import maps, a new user interface for managing files associated with transactions, an improved facility for removing old prices from the price database, and a way to remove deleted files from the history list in the file menu.

All from Robert Fewell! The old 6-digit-maximum fraction will be a 9-digit maximum by 2. Christopher Lam Chart Reports appearance is improved Carsten Rinke For Developers The code is reorganized into a core library directory, libgnucash, and applications-specific directory, gnucash. Code lifted from other projects is in borrowed.

KVP is now private to libgncmod-engine. Rob Gowin The CuteCash front end has been removed. A new Russian translation of the Guide has been started by Dmitriy Mandel. There will be no unstable documentation release at this time. Bug - general ledger should be named journal Bug - Summary bar alignment patch.

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Bug - Add option to remove deleted files from the history list. Allows removing files from the MRU list if they no longer exist. Bug - Invoices Due Reminder. Bug - Fancy invoice report still doesn't use fancy date format preference.

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Bug - Display the blank split after the "now" line instead of at the end. Bug - Be able to show file location The file location is now visible in the status bar while hovering over the recent file list of the File menu. Bug - Add account level selection on accounts option tab. Bug - Tax invoice can be a bill too. Bug - After account creation wizard and saving, empty account window is shown. Bug - Fixes Report Scheme error.

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Buy Premiers pas en CSS3 et HTML5: 7e édition mise à jour (Accès libre) ( French Des bases HTML 5 et CSS 3 aux fonctions de styles avancées, utilisez les. Premiers pas en CSS et HTML () and a great French édition -Quelques marques de lecture, et/ou de stockage mais du reste en Langue: fre - Genre: Informatique Langages et Programmation Accès libre.

Bug - Change finish page text for Search and General Journal register exports. Bug - Typos in Transaction Rpt options mouse-over text. Bug - GNUCash crashes when importing invoices or bills with delimited import. Bug - Change default date completion to sliding window.

Bug - MT import select account based on transaction info. Bug - db name isn't escaped well. Bug - These are the script changes for jqplot reports. Adds resize function to graphical reports. Bug - Interdependent report options fail to change state after using apply for a limited number of times. Bug - unifying "Clear the entry. Bug - Persian currency symbol is doubled.

The Italian Help translation, which uniquely uses a PO file, is frozen at commit 78cfa76 because of lack of a translator to maintain it. Bug - Document how automatic decimal points work. Begin a Russian translation of the Guide by Dmitry Mangul.

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Some spelling corrections in the German Guide. In the new implementation account types can't be changed for an account with splits: if the change woud force a commodity change e. It's currently set to 'Currencies' and can be translated. Bug Add reversing transaction definition Bug Add Reversing Transaction text for Help document Improve German translation of gnucash-guidem fix some typos, reconstruct some rev. Github: gzip You can also checkout the sources directly from the git repository as described here.

Bug - Future Value not working with Loan Scheduled transaction. Bug - Matching imported transactions doesn't indicate previously matched entries. Bug - gui dialog for sorting transactions to accounts after aqbanking import broken. Tell the user what happened with a dialog. Bug - Gross value of bills charged back instead of net value. Bug - Wrong menu entry in Tip of the day.

Bug - Creating a scheduled transaction from an existing transaction does not include the notes field. Bug - Scheduling 2nd, 3rd or 4th Wed doesn't seem to work. Bug - Transactions rounded to 5 decimal places when opening file. Bug - jqplot fixes for piechart and syntax error.

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Bug - Reports with charts are flickering in certain circumstances. Bug - Accounts implicitly created in ledger attempt creation twice. Bug - How to handle commission when buying and selling securities. Bug - More info re register views.

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Bug - Restructure Business Features Chapters. Bug - add tips on changing reconcile status of all transactions in reconcile window panes. Remove section "Changing the Register View" as better handled in Guide section 4. Maintenance Completed The maintenance planned for today has been completed and the new server appears to be fully functional. Please inform us if you find any issues. Happy GnuCashing. Further notification will occur after the maintenance is complete.

Bug - Scheduled trasaction calendar popup off screen. Bug - Crashes on non-existent date. Bug - Sign of Value in Lots in Account window seems inconsistent. Bug - Date off-by-one after DST change. Bug - Segfault on Transaction edit. Bug - Export Report Crash.

Bug - "Average cost" price source problem. Bug - Confusing error message which includes the text "file file". Bug - Tips of the Day shows content only once very 3 times. Bug - Highlight need to select Account Type when adding new stock account. Bug - Add glossary to Tutorial and Guide. Bug - Document using Lots to create investment capital gains transactions. Bug - Add note to documentation regarding Sort order options. Bug - Change Documentation of contributors.

Bug - Ambiguous view of buttons in search dialog Linux version. Bug - SQL backend doesn't update customer info. Bug - CSV data with Posted information will always have last invoice not posted Bug - Crash opening associated location that has no scheme. Bug - Zero interest loan formula fails.

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Bug - compiling issue with libdbi. Bug - gnc-fq-dump incorrectly says "quote cannot be used Bug - Incorrect commodity match during import OFX and possible solution. Bug - Add new chapter for expense type accounts. Bug - Add note to 4. Bug - Modify Windows portion of 8.