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Oral History, Oral Culture, and Italian Americans (Italian and Italian American Studies)

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Perhaps everything that frightens us is, in its deepest essence, something helpless that wants our love.

Reconfiguring the Margins

Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer. Genius hits a target no one else can see. Reading Challenges — members — last activity 6 hours, 51 min ago Un luogo che raccoglie sfide personali di lettura, percorsi tematici, obiettivi da raggiungere per il solo e unico piacere di leggere.

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The orchestration, which was prominent in the mix, suddenly seams to disappear for a period to allow the rock side of the arrangement to feature with guitar sound changing from that of Andy Latimer to Steve Hackett and then to Roine Stolt. The end of the movement revives the chamber orchestra with strains of Enid sounding guitar. Whilst all three movements appear quite different, the theme from the first is evident in the last and for a short period touches on the second.

Whilst the vocals are in Spanish, they are sung so sweetly that a non Spanish-speaking listener would find them of no distraction from this mainly instrumental work. The lyrics are printed in the CD booklet again in Spanish are about dreams, their power and the freedom they provide. The booklet also provides comprehensive information about the individual musicians that perform on the album in both English and Spanish.

Instead of a standard jewel case, the CD is contained inside the front cover of the booklet which in turn slides into a CD size cardboard container, all of which are covered with the wonderful artwork of Peter Rodulfo, a distant relative who now resides in England check out his work via a link on Raimundo's website below. When I spoke with Rick Wakeman he commented on the quality of music that was emanating from South America.

Well, The Dreams Concerto must be at the top of the league. The combination of classical and progressive rock is seamless and should appeal to fans of either genre. This is nothing like a contrived 'Royal Philharmonic Play The Music Of insert prog band name here ', nor is it an orchestra playing prog rock or a prog rock band playing classical - each instrument is allowed to play in its own style and consequently makes up the whole. There are so many different style of prog it is impossible to say that this is 'the prog album of '.

However, this must be the prog album of the year in its class especially as it is unique. Raimundo recorded these over the last three years, from gigs, festivals, and a TV show. If you attend a concert, the atmosphere and, to some extent, the volume level can do much to turn a less than perfect performance and sound mix with all its hisses and pops into an entertaining evening but the magic is difficult to capture on a recording.

S2E1: "Mercy Part II”

There are exceptions, one being the band Camel who has somehow managed to capture the energy on more than one of their live albums, helped by the fact that they often rearrange the music for the live performance. I am pleased to say that Raimundo has, regardless of the sometimes less than perfect recordings, also managed to capture the energy of his performances for this album.

To download the album website link at bottom of this page you will need a username and password. Take the first 2 characters of the Dreams CD serial code, and then take the first character of The Dreams Concerto CD serial code to form the 3 characters password use only upper case. The sound files for the album are fairly large so you may wish to consider getting a broadband connection too before you download!

Included in the download files is the complete artwork for making up the jewel case inserts and CD label. Yes, it requires a little time and trouble but it is ultimately worth it. Jem Jedrzejewski. Sea of Tranquility - www. It's not everyday that you get to hear a recording that is just dripping with so much beauty that it almost brings tears to your eyes. This "concerto" from musician Raimundo Rodulfo is a lush, gorgeous amalgam of progressive rock, South American classical motiffs, and folk, that succeeds on all fronts. Broken down into three movements, The Dreams Concerto has huge sweeping melodies, punctuated quite liberally by Rodulfo's excellent acoustic and electric guitar work.

The first minute movement is perhaps the most striking and symphonic in nature, and no doubt will appeal the most to progressive rock listeners. Rodulfo's electric guitar playing is particularly riveting here yes, the guy has chops aplenty! Perhaps the biggest contribution though is from female vocalist Beatriz Rivas, who has a stunning voice. Her range and tone adds a majestic quality to this awesome mixture of rock and baroque signatures.

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The piece ends with a lovely acoustic section that quiets things down a bit and allows you to get ready for the next part. A jazz touch is added complements of Pablo Gil Rodulfo, whose screaming solo eventually gives way for brutal electric solos from Raimondo and violinist Cesar Romano. The guitarist then launches into a gripping electric jaunt, filled with echo and various effects, that really shows off his experimental rock side.

The final movement allows the guitarist to strut his skills on classical guitar, and the results are a thing of beauty.

What Remains

Surrounded by violins, flute, assorted percussion, clavier, and flugelhorn, this is baroque infused progressive folk at its finest. The full band kicks in for the grand finale, a wild mix of chamber and symphonic rock with the obvious classical overtones.


You can download and read online Sempre e comunque (Gli emersi narrativa) (​Italian Edition) file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you can. Il libro ville e giardini gentilizi gli emersi narrativa italian edition. della classe mercantile e produttiva emergente rende necessario il cognome per sempre . Di questo segno un documento che ritengo falso o comunque fortemente inquinato.

See if you can hear some references to the band Kansas on this one, especially in the violin melodies. Filled with heartbreaking beauty and awesome technical musicianship, Raimundo Rodulfo has put together a wonderful extended piece of music that is never boring, and succumbs the listener effortlessly into all its worldly pleasures.

Oh, and the packaging is just superb, filled with lots of live photos, notes on each track, musician listings, and fascinating paintings. It was only recently that I began a review of Riveryman's Magic World album by decrying Musea's normally fine judgement for releasing that artist's music. Mare et Terra is a gem: its brand of multi-style fusion eclecticism incorporated into single compositions reminds me of the fabulous Karcius and in particular of their Episodes album, which remains only one of two to which I have given the full 5-stars on SoT.

Mare et Terra is not quite up there yet with Episodes but I suspect that's perhaps because I haven't yet heard it often or loud enough for it to really hit home.

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What marks this out as outstanding music is the high standard of musicianship and the joy in the music making, together with melodic writing of the highest calibre and a similar high standard for the rhythmic element. We get an array of keyboards including minimoog, violin, cello, flutes, saxophone, clarinet, trumpets, flugelhorn, and a variety of drums and percussion; as well as recordings of sounds from nature when appropriate. Unlike Karcius's music, Mare et Terra is not totally instrumental; "Blue" being the only composition not to feature singing. The music itself is, well, it's music!

Composed entirely by Rodulfo, it is a fusion of all of the elements that he enjoys, and the man has eclectic tastes! Astonishingly, the fusions do not jar; they work together: there are few composers able to bring this off successfully. Having said that, the eclecticism on offer isn't going to be to everyone's liking, not even amongst all progressive fans.

Flutes and keyboards are introduced, there are mellotronic sounds; then some electric guitar; variety in tempo etc. The singing is in Spanish and continues for a while before the piece becomes quite rocky in its latter phases. The fusion is of predominantly classical, rock and South American styles. The last two pieces are parts of the "Thoughts" composition; the first part "Seeds" has English singing, some beautiful harpsichord sounds at the start, before turning rocky and featuring more South American rhythm courtesy of castanets etc.

Overall, it is music that you can both concentrate on and relax to, depending on your mood and sounds far better than I can express it in words. This is an excellent feature of progressive rock laden with psychotropic references, awash in lush Latin landscapes, orchestras, folk, criollismos, Caribbean music, blues From there the energy just keeps building until it finally consumes itself at the minute mark. These are followed by another half-hour of music broken down into the tracks "Blue" and "Thoughts 1 and 2," both of which continue to explore and push the symbiosis of the album's many elements.

Rodulfo has surrounded himself with a very energetic and adept cast of musicians that understand his vision with unparalleled clarity, and there's so much going on in this album, it's almost exhausting. Raimundo Rodulfo is one of those musicians who proudly sports his origins in his musical output.